ProCharger Race Valve with Mounting Hardware

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For supercharging applications, surge occurs when excessive boost or pressure spikes as a result of a sudden throttle blade closing, which can cause severe damage to a supercharger and is why we mandate all ProCharger supercharger installations use a bypass valve.


Race Valve: This is the industry leading surge valve for both street and race applications. The larger valve diameter is designed for high flow applications. This valve is designed for 701-1200 HP applications


Vent Styles 

Open: Vents to atmosphere and creates a distinctive “whoosh,” when the throttle blade suddenly closes, which a lot of people enjoy the sound.

Enclosed: Vents to an external air filter or an internal tube via a 2" outlet for rerouting excess boost pressure back upstream of supercharger for a more quiet and subtle sound.  More ideal for street applications where someone wants more of a silent or stealth operation of the supercharger.

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